Cybersecurity Seminar in Banca D'Italia 1

During 16-18 May 2018, I had a great opportunity to participate in Seminar “Cybersecurity Challenges for Central banks” in Banca D’Italia as a representative from National bank of Ukraine.

It was my first seminar as an employee of the National bank of Ukraine so I got a really great new experience and very useful networking.

My business trip has started in the 15-th of May with arrival to Rome where I had a full free day for the walk around. It was my first visit to Rome so I walked more than 20 km around the city. It is really a very wonderful city with lots of places to see and visit. For dinner, I visited the restaurant near the Colesium and had spaghetti with a glass of wine.

My first day of the seminar started with a wake up at 7 am and a great breakfast in the hotel. Registration started at 9:30, by the time I have arrived, there were already many participants from the other countries (in total around 25).

During the first day of the seminar, we were talking mostly about the basics of vulnerabilities and experience of Banca D’Italia on managing them (software and methodology). The most useful topic of this day was “Digitalization of the economy and cyber risk”. As we all know during this last 10 years internet and communication had lots of dramatic changes and it made a direct influence both on the economy and financial sector. This all caused a direct impact on the security field and its part as cybersecurity. Also, for me during this first day was extremely interesting to have active communication with other participants and to hear there experience and practices.

At the end of the training day, I went for a walk around with my new companions. We had great open communication and it felt like we knew each other for ages. Rome is a great city to have a walk both during the day and night.

The other training days we had interesting sessions regarding cybersecurity, antivirus software, and its procurement. Also we had very interesting block about Patch management and DLP systems.

In conclusion, in my opinion, it is really important to invest in cybersecurity and good architecture of IT systems of any company as in future it will be the main risk zone.