My story of how I started coding 1

I was a very lucky child. My parents bought for me first computer at the age of 6. At that time I was only playing games for average 5 hours per day. At the age of 8, I became interested in the development of own simple programs on C and Pascal. One of my first programs was a very simple calculator. At the age of 11, I wrote my first primitive 2D game on Java (something like Super Mario, but with 2 levels and without monsters).

I do not actually remember why, but after that, I almost stopped coding for 5-6 years. But that all changed when I got 17 and during my first year in University I decided to create my own website. At that time I was absolutely unaware of HTML, CSS, Javascript and even PHP and other languages. So my first website was developed on Joomla CMS (at that time it was not so technological). I used a very simple template (I am not sure, but it looks like it was even standard Joomla template). It gave me the first experience of working with a web server, registration of domain names and basic knowledge regarding Front-End development.

Since that time I actively started learning Web Development technologies. First of all, I studied Front-End (HTML, CSS, JS), all information I was getting mostly from YouTube and some other web resources. After 1-2 months, with some experience in Front-End, I decided to continue learning Back-End. I was googling the web and decided to learn PHP as it was the most common language and there were lots of examples of code.  At the beginning, I was only developing websites for my friends (for free) and after 2 projects, I started working on freelance.

As I already had a portfolio, I decided to find clients on freelance resources. It took 3 weeks and about 300 “cold” messages to potential clients. Finally, I took my first project in January 2010. The client wanted to make a parser to monitor competitor’s website. It took 3 days for me to finish this task including comments from the client, so I earned my first $10. After 5-10 projects like this (coding parser, make small corrections in Front-End codes) I got my first order on developing a website for the company. By that time I already had a full-time job in the bank so I was coding at evenings after work and in the morning before work.

After that, I was getting more and more other order so basically, at the age of 21, I decided to leave the job and go on freelance fo full-time.

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