TOP-5 reasons to use Apple products vs other manufacturers 1

It is now almost 5 years since I started using my first IPhone (at that moment it was Black IPhone 5 16Gb) and soon I bought my first laptop Macbook Air 13′ 128 Gb. Before that, I was only using Android devices and computers with Windows OS. Right now, I have IPhone 7, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air, Apple Watch, AirPods and Magic Mouse, as you can see I am almost full-stuck Apple user. So why do I think that Apple products offer the most competitive user experience vs other manufacturers?

I collected all my thoughts, experience and formed a list of TOP-5 reasons why I think you should use Apple products vs other manufacturers. And of course, it is just my personal opinion :-).

1. Services integration and UI/UX

Yes, there are a lot of other manufacturers like Samsung (with it’s Samsung Galaxy smartphones and quite good tablets), HP (with it’s corporate laptops), Google and Amazon (with it’s Cloud services) but none of them can offer such simple integration inside their own products as Apple. Just in few clicks you are already integrated with IPhone, Macbook, IMac through ICloud. The best thing about it, that you do not have to be skilled IT person, everything is intuitive.

2. Build quality and materials

Before Samsung launched it’s Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, there were no competitors on the market, that could offer devices with such a good quality. I used my first IPhone for almost 4 years without screen protection. I don’t know, may be I was just very lucky, but I dropped it lot’s of times and at the end had only a few scratches. Also, if you ever had an Apple device, you definitely know that feeling when you open it’s box for the first time.

3. Software support

May be the greatest thing about Apple is it’s absolute support of it’s devices. And yes, before you start arguing with me that Apple stopped supporting IPhone 5 and older versions, I would like to clarify my words. IPhone 5 would still work on older versions of IOS and as we all understand it is not very logical to support devices that were produced in 2012.
To compare. I bought smartphone Meizu MX6 (which runs on Android) and from the very first day in did not supported corporate email based on Google for Business.

4. AppStore (Applications)

Despite to the opinion of some analysts, I think, that AppStore is still more user friendly than it’s biggest competitor Play Market by Google. Due to Apple’s strict policies, there are very few harmful applications on the AppStore. By the way, during using of Apple devices, I have never installed any antivirus programs, because there is no need.

5. Design

Apple always associated with the word “design”. Of course, it is all about marketing, but let me give you just a brief example. If you would not have to worry about money, what would you choose, shirt from Lacoste or from Asos? The same thing about Apple devices.


Right now Apple is not as innovative as it was 5 years ago. It became predictable. I do not think it is bad or good it is just OK.
On my opinion, Apple devices are wonderful because they fit to everyone (except gamers). You can be a developer, designer, teacher, doctor or writer and Apple devices would be just perfect for you.

In practice, none of my friends who started using Apple had a desire to switch to other devices.

Let me know what do you think about that all.