New unique project about programming,
finance, travel, stories, and inspiration.


The idea of this project was in my thoughts for more than 2 years. For more than 5 years, every day, I write my personal paper diary, where I share my thoughts, emotions and other things. Of course, not every thought should be shared in public access, but at least 1% of information would be really useful for my dear readers.

This blog is mostly about programming (innovations, useful scripts, interesting products, education, etc.), finance (banking, personal finance management, leaks, and rumors), travel, life hacks, interesting life stories.


I am 24 years old, already have experience in different fields of life and work. I have a wide range of interests, also I am always surrounded by interesting people. So here is some short information about me:


  • Bachelor of Applied Mathematics;
  • Master of Banking and Finance;
  • Visited 21 countries (some of them for 5 times);
  • Manifestor 1/5 (human design).


  • Programming more than 7 years, mostly as freelancer (Front-End and Back-End Web Development);
  • Experience in banking more than 3 years (Citibank, BNP Paribas) as Analytic and Product Developer;
  • Now auditor and software developer in Central Bank.

Hope this project will be interesting and useful for you!
Thank you for being with me.